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Organic heat carrier boiler:
Coal organic heat carrier furnace
Coal organic heat carrier furnace
Coal organic heat carrier furnace
Fuel organic heat carrier furnace
Fuel organic heat carrier furnace
Wood organic heat carrier furnace
Electric organic heat carrier furnace
Wood heat carrier furnace
Integrated organic heat carrier furnace
Heat engineering
SZL series of coal-fired hot water boiler steam
WNS series gas-fired boiler fuel
Bulk coal-fired hot water boiler
Steam generator
Imported supporting burner
Water coal slurry burner
The most advanced combustion system in China
The most advanced and economical technology flow of the first one in China

  Wuxi Jineng Heating Boiler Co.,Ltd located in Hutai lndustrial Park,lt is one of the professional manufacturer that produces organic heat carrier .With advanced production and inspection equipments as well as powerful scientitic research strength,our cimparny won the manuracture license of"orfanic heat carrier" that awarded by National Technology lnspection Bureau and got LSO9001 certificate.
  Now,we produce five series of organic heat carriers:firecoal;fuel oil(gas);firebrand;sawdust and electrical heating,with the specification ranging from 100000C/h to 20 million C/h.Our products,which can be widely used in textile,printing and dyeing, chemical industry, artificial leather,comprehensive use of wood,food dyeing and many other heating fild,Our products are featured in widely applicable,powerful strengh;high heat effect;safe ; stable and easy for maintenance;and sold well in Southeast Asia.
  Our quanlity principle:"Advanced science and technology;based on quanlity".Set creativity as our motivation;standards and quality as our foundation;and inprovement as our culture baisis,we manufacuture energy-saving Jieneng products.
  All Jieneng peoele will carry on the spirit or self-improvement and lofty morality,and make more and more breakhroughs in working ideas with our enthusiasms.We hope to develop together with the companies home and abroad for a prosperous future!


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